Our Products

EDUWEB FOR SCHOOLS (school management system)

Eduweb Schools Information management system was engineered to offers schools all the power they need for school management functions ranging from admissions, report cards, student billing, exams entry and analysis and many more – all integrated into a single database accessible anytime, anywhere via the web

EDUWEB FOR PARENTS (mobile version)

Using their mobile phones parents can log in and view their kid (s) school details e.g. exams results, fee balance, daily updates from teachers, notices from school and more


The overall objective is to provide an online centralized portal where the public can easily access information on relevant education institutions (schools, colleges and universities) in Kenya. The portal, available on mobile phones as well, targets parents looking for schools for their children, graduates looking for post-secondary opportunities or others generally seeking to further their education. The main goal is to provide a simple interactive mechanism where one can identify appropriate institutions, physically locate and evaluate for the purpose of selecting where to attend.